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Harp music and Therapy

     * Harp music has healing power !

The vibrations coming from the strings of the harp and the range of the pitch, the very specific tonal colour in the harp music are well known as giving comfort, emotional release, decreased pain, relaxation and relief during  the centuries!

The harp is one of the oldest instruments in the world!
Harp music is bringing joy, pleasure and appreciation to all ages and cultures!

Here you can visit the web site of the professional harpist and music consultant Sally Wood presenting all types of wedding services:

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Who's harping on the Web ?

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Harp playing  just for fun  is... also possible!

       * The entertainment in our lives must be of great importance, so I was very happy to see that a graduate in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science enjoys also the harp playing! Here you can see a black and white photo of Deborah-Henson-Conant and Henry Hout at the 1993 Ig Nobel Prize Ceremony...

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