Teaching...became my passion, now it is the new direction in my life
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June 1998

August 2001
First I started teaching  piano in Antwerpen in 1991 in  the Music Atelier 't Hemeltje, Brasschaat - school  for people of any age.

There I saw the joy of the music in the eyes of  the little children as much as in the adults' eyes... Their appreciation was so sincere and  great that I suddenly discovered myself  in a different way...

Later on I was invited to teach harp and chamber music at the Music Academies of  Brussels and  Beveren. 

If you are interested to study harp, please just call for more information to the secretariat:

  •  in the Music Academy of  Beveren 

  • on  telephone: 03/775.35.79,
    Lijsterbessenlaan 24, 9120 Beveren.
  • in the Music Academy of Etterbeek in Brussels on telephone: 02/733.59.65, 

  • Oudergemlaan 124, 1040 Brussels.
  During the Easter holidays and in August I give lessons in harp and piano in the European Center "La Foresta", Vaalbeek - JM Brussels.

If you would like to attend to the music camps, please contact the organizer Philippe Broeckmeyer for more information 
on telephone : 02/507.83.40-44 or write to him at :
Baron Hortastraat 5, 1000 Brussels or by e-mail : 

Harp lessen in Leuven by Amira

If you would like to make personal contact with me :

  • for taking private music lessons 
  • if you do not know where to buy or rent a harp
  • if you wonder how much cost a harp...
  • which kind of harp...small or concert harp...
  • where to order or buy music, CD's, video's, etc.

please, write me with  your name, address and telephone number:
and I would be very glad to help you with all the information you need.

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